About Liberty Tutorials

To watch a 33 minute presentation of why I think that a strong high school math curriculum is important for every student, please link here and enter the password:  2fCN7xWg

Liberty Tutorials, founded in 2010, offers honors level online math tutorials to homeschooled students. Using the WebEx conferencing application, our students enter an interactive online classroom where they receive instruction and participate in class discussions along with their classmates.  We use reputable, engaging texts that encourage students to think analytically.

This tutorial service provides homeschooling families with a knowledgeable, qualified teacher who serves as a mentor as well as an instructor.  Students can ask questions in class or through email, receive personalized feedback on tests, and request letters of recommendation.  Graded tests and quizzes along with semester grade reports add credibility to high school transcripts.

Liberty Tutorials currently provides mathematical instruction on the honors level in the following subjects:  Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Caluclus (with Trigonometry), and AP Calculus AB.    Students who complete a math class successfully will be able to take subsequent classes in the above sequence with Liberty Tutorials.  Click here to view the schedule of class dates and times for the next four years.  Students may enroll in any math class provided the parents verify the prerequisites have been met; however, current students of Liberty Tutorials will be given first opportunity for enrollment in the subsequent year’s classes.

Karena Flynn has a love of mathematics that stems from her appreciation of its orderliness and logic as well as her love of God, its Creator. She received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics and minors in education and English from James Madison University, maintaining a 4.0 GPA in her math classes and graduating summa cum laude. Karena regularly tutored math during high school and college. After teaching for one year at a private Christian school, Karena focused on rearing her eight children, homeschooling from kindergarten through high school. In 2010 she began teaching math classes through her company Liberty Tutorials where she teaches Honors Algebra I through AP Calculus AB.  Karena has carefully chosen highly respected, engaging, traditional textbooks that she hopes will instill a deep appreciation of mathematics in all of her students and fully prepare them to continue their mathematics studies in college, if so inclined.