Letters of Recommendation

Students often ask me to write letters of recommendation, and I am glad to do this under the following circumstances:

Adequate Time: The student must give me adequate time to draft a letter of recommendation. At least two weeks’ notice is preferred.

Private Recommendation: I only write letters of recommendation that will not be seen by the student.

Scholarship/College Name and Recommendation Recipient: I need to know the person to whom the letter is to be addressed as well as how I am to submit the letter. Please also supply the scholarship or college name.

Honest Evaluation: Keep in mind that I answer questions honestly and do my best to give an accurate assessment of the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Student Information: In order to write a proper letter of recommendation, I need the student to provide the following information:

  • Math and science subjects studied in high school along with grades earned
  • Future plans and goals for college major and beyond
  • Community involvement including volunteer work and service projects
  • Extracurricular activities including sports, music, speech, 4-H, or robotics
  • Leadership experience
  • Notable awards or recognition
  • Other information that helps me present an accurate picture of the student