Algebra I, Honors

Excellent foundation for all math classes to come

Instruction focused on understanding concepts, not memorizing processes

Frequent opportunity to ask questions and participate in class

Course Description: 

This class is designed to help homeschooling families succeed in their study of algebra by providing quality instruction and objective evaluation using Foerster’s rigorous and highly regarded Algebra I (Pearson Prentice Hall:  2006).   Students will be expected to spend roughly an hour and a half on homework daily.  Class will meet two days per week for one hour and five minutes each session for instruction.  Since this is a homeschooling tutorial, parents will have the certain responsibilities as stated here.

Understand that this is an honors level class and not designed for the struggling or lazy math student.  The class moves very quickly.  Students will be expected to complete homework assignments before the subsequent class, participate in class with a working microphone, and proactively seek help when not understanding the material.


Students need to have successfully completed a course in pre-algebra or 8th grade math.
It is recommended that students be at least 12 years old, entering at least 8th grade.
Parents of younger students should contact the instructor before registering for the class.


  • Textbook:  Algebra I  by Paul Foerster (Pearson Prentice Hall; CLASSIC EDITION:  2006).  New and used copies are available through Amazon.  Be sure to purchase the Student Edition with ISBN 9780131657083.
  • TI-30XS Multi-View Scientific Calculator available through Amazon.
  • Headset with Microphone
  • Pencil & Eraser (No Pens)
  • Notebook:  Spiral Bound or Loose-Leaf*
  • Graph Paper*

*Students may want to use a Graph Ruled Spiral Notebook for all of their work so they can draw graphs beside their calculations.

Cost and Registration:

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“Thank you so much for your time and effort in teaching Algebra One. Although you have other math classes, students and family obligations, [my son] felt individual attention and care was provided to him as with a face-to-face course. You are certainly to be commended for your patience with the students in working through problems, eliciting participation and providing the much-needed accolades with challenging material. [My son] absolutely loved the class and looks forward to taking math courses with Liberty Tutorials in the future.”

Mother in Virginia