Algebra II, Honors

Course Description: 

This class is designed to help homeschooling families succeed in their study of Algebra II by providing quality instruction and objective evaluation using Foerster’s Algebra and Trigonometry:  Functions and Applications (Pearson Prentice Hall:  2005).  The book is designed to be completed in two years, so this class covers chapters 1 – 8. Students will be expected to spend roughly an hour and a half on homework daily.  Class will meet two days per week for one hour and five minutes each session for instruction.  Since this is a homeschooling tutorial, parents will have the certain responsibilities as stated below.

Understand that this is an honors level class and not designed for the struggling or lazy math student.  Students will be expected to complete homework assignments before the subsequent class, participate in class with a working microphone, and proactively seek help when not understanding the material.


I cannot say enough about Mrs. Flynn and Liberty Tutorials.  Mrs. Flynn’s method is systematic and sufficiently rigorous for college-prep mathematics.  She has chosen excellent, proven texts, and presents lessons efficiently and pleasantly.  We appreciate her opening every class with prayer and treating her students with respect and courtesy.  She engages each student in discussion, which encourages students to come prepared for each session.  Her website is organized, easy to navigate, and incredibly useful for keeping her students on task.  We live in a rural community with little opportunity for cooperative classes, so Mrs. Flynn’s online tutorial service is a welcome way to engage our children in an interactive learning environment. This is something we were missing with [other curricula and pre-recorded classes].  As veteran homeschoolers (and veteran online education consumers), we can say, unequivocally, that the best learning environment is one that involves deep and enriching material, and engaging and motivational instruction, set before the student on a steady and well-administered time table.  Mrs. Flynn provides all of that, and at a reasonable tuition level.  We don’t have ‘math-y’ children, yet we know they will graduate from the Liberty Tutorials program with a thorough ability to use mathematics in their daily lives, and will be amply prepared for college placement exams and higher-level mathematics.  I am both delighted and honored to recommend Liberty Tutorials without reservation.

Mother in Montana


Students need to have completed Algebra I and preferably Geometry.
It is recommended that students be at least 14 years old, entering at least 10th grade.
Parents of younger students should contact the instructor before registering for the class.


  • Textbook:  Algebra and Trigonometry:  Functions and Applications by Paul Foerster (Pearson Prentice Hall; CLASSIC EDITION:  2005).  New and used copies are available through Amazon.  Purchase the Student Edition with ISBN 9780131657106.
  • TI-30XS Multi-View Scientific Calculator available through Amazon
  • Pencil & Eraser (No Pens)
  • Notebook:  Spiral Bound or Loose-Leaf*
  • Graph Paper*

*Students may want to use a Graph Ruled Spiral Notebook for all of their work so they can draw graphs beside their calculations.

Technical Needs:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC:  Download available free through Adobe.
  • Headset with Microphone


Tests (4-5 per semester):  100 points per test
Notebook Quizzes:  100 points per semester
Semester Exams:  200 points per exam

Class Times:

Please refer to the Four-Year Class Schedule for class times.  Be sure to find the chart for the correct school year.

Class Dates:

Please see the Algebra II Homework Calendar for exact dates and scheduled class cancellations.


The cost is $475 per year per student, if a family enrolls in only one class.  Families enrolled two or more classes will receive a $50 discount per class.
Make payment by check payable to Liberty Tutorials.
$250 is due with registration and will not be refunded if the class is dropped. The remainder is due August 15th.

In the event that a student joins a class late at any time during the first semester, the student will be charged the fee for the entire year.

In the event that a student joins a class during the second semester, the student will be charged $375.


Registration for the upcoming school year begins February 1st for currently enrolled students and their siblings.  Registration is open to all other families on February 15th.
Click here to register.

Contact Information:

Teacher Credentials:

Math teacher Karena Flynn has a love of mathematics that stems from her appreciation of its orderliness and logic as well as her love of God, its Creator. She received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics and minor in education from James Madison University. She maintained a 4.0 GPA in her math classes and graduated summa cum laude. Karena regularly tutored math during high school and college. She taught at a private Christian school for one year and in subsequent years has been homeschooling her children. Since 2010 she has been teaching math through Liberty Tutorials.