Submission Policies

Chapter Test and Notebook Quiz Submissions:

Scan or photograph all pages of a test, including work completed on separate pages, and save as a single PDF file.  All of the pages of a test need to be arranged in order and right side up.  Upload the single PDF file in the student’s Showbie account by clicking the plus sign “+” to the right of the test name in the list of assignments.  Likewise, scan or photograph the notebook quiz separately and upload it by clicking the plus sign “+” to the right of the notebook quiz name in the list of assignments.

Extra Credit Submissions:

Extra credit assignments are optional.  They are always due the same date as the Chapter Test and Notebook Quiz.  Thus, extra credit offered during the course of Chapter 2 will be due when the Chapter 2 Test is due.  Please submit as a pdf attachment as specified above.

On-Time Submissions:

Submissions must be received by 11:55 PM ET on the due date.  Understand that 11:55 ET (Eastern Time) translates to 10:55 pm CT (Central Time), etc…  Liberty Tutorials is located in an area that does observe Daylight Savings Time.

Late Submissions:

Tests received past the due date will have the following points deducted:
Up to 48 hours (up to 2 days) late:            10% of the points deducted
48 to 144 hours (2 – 6 days) late:               20% of the points deducted
After 144 hours (7 or more days) late:     100% of the points deducted

Extension Requests:

A request for an extension of a due date must be received at least 24 hours before the due date, and must be submitted by a parent using the parent’s email address.  Requests for extensions will be reviewed on an individual basis and may or may not be granted.  Please state the reason for the extension as well as the new due date request.  If students will miss class with a planned absence, it is up to the parents to plan how the students will not get behind or catch up quickly so they can rejoin the class at the right place in the text and homework.

When submitting a test late for which an extension has been granted, please mention the approved extension in the comment box attached to the upload in Showbie.

Technical Issues or Extenuating Circumstances:

When unforeseen technical issues or extenuating circumstances prevent an on-time submission, please explain the situation in the comment box attached to the upload in Showbie.  Situations will be considered on an individual basis and extensions may or may not be granted.  With this in mind, it is recommended that submissions be made well in advance of the due date to avoid last minute problems.