Student Expectations: 

Students will be expected to attend and participate in class, taking notes on the material covered.  An excellent practice is for students to write out all problems that the teacher works through in class because they notice details that they otherwise miss when they simply watch the teacher write the solution, they stay fully engaged with the class, and they have that work to refer to when completing homework assignments.  Students will be expected to complete homework assignments at home and grade them or have their parents grade them, using the answers in the back of the book or posted on Showbie.  Students will be expected to correct any missed problems—not just change the answers, but find the mistakes in their solutions and fix their work.  Students will be encouraged to ask questions about any problems they do not understand, either by email or during class.  Students must not seek access for tests before they take them and follow all test-taking rules.  They must not discuss details about tests with other students nor share tests with siblings or students who take a course in a subsequent year.  Students are expected to present themselves appropriately and treat others respectfully.

Teacher Expectations:

The teacher will begin class on time.  She will review homework and answer questions students have regarding missed homework problems.  If there is not enough time to answer all homework questions during class, she will ask students to ask any remaining questions through email.  She will then teach the new material, incorporating class participation in solving problems, as appropriate.  She will prepare and grade student tests, notebook quizzes, and test corrections.   She will give semester grades and evaluations.  She will contact parents and students by way of email when necessary.  She will be respectful and patient with the students, encouraging an atmosphere of respect for one another.

Parent Expectations:

It is the parents’ responsibility to determine that this class meets the legal homeschooling requirements of their state or over-sight group.  They are expected to pay for the class by the given deadline and to obtain the needed materials.  It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that students are not only attending class but also are engaged in the class.  Parents will either need to grade the homework or make sure their students are not simply copying answers from the back of the book if they are allowed to check their homework themselves.  Parents must take this responsibility seriously because it is through the homework that students truly master the material.  Parents will also administer the closed book, closed notes tests, ensuring that students do not gain access to the tests before taking the tests.  Parents are responsible for submitting the tests as well, being careful that students do not have the ability to change any answers before the tests are submitted.  If students have a problem showing respect to the teacher or their classmates, the parents of those students will be notified so they can deal with the problem.  If such a problem persists, the parents must realize that the students will not be permitted to return to class.  No reimbursement of payments will be made under such circumstances.