Joseph Lovin

Mrs. Flynn’s calculus AB course effectively taught me the fundamentals of calculus and prepared me for higher math courses, work in college, and the AP exam. Specifically, her explanations of limits, derivatives, and integrals have served me well through Calculus 2, Calculus 3, and Differential Equations. One of the features of the class that most appeals to me is the online classroom environment it is taught through, which allows students to ask questions as material is being taught and enables students to be called upon to work through problems during class. This was invaluable to me, as it motivated me to better prepare for classes and gave me a chance to own my work. In addition, Mrs. Flynn’s clear teaching style made sense of difficult concepts, while the expectations she articulated early in the year allowed classes to follow a smooth rhythm that maximized the time available. I also appreciated the feedback on work and encouragement she provided, as it increased my confidence in subject material and made it easier to work through difficult concepts. Likewise, the Larson text used was a great resource to me, providing plenty of useful problems to learn through and numerous concise tables in the back. Overall, I greatly grew through the course, becoming confident in Calculus I/AB material, prepared for the AP exam, and ultimately equipped for moving on to higher math courses.

Student in Maryland
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