Geometry, Honors

Course Description: 

This honors geometry course covers the standard concepts of Euclidean geometry with an emphasis on the logical development of content through proof, both direct and indirect. Content areas include congruence, similarity, and other relationships of lines, angles, polygons, circles, and various types of solids. In addition, the course incorporates practical application of postulates and theorems to include measurement and calculations. The course integrates constructions, transformations, coordinate geometry, formulas, an introduction to trigonometry, and a brief look at non-Euclidean geometries into the course of study. Jacobs’s text Geometry: Seeing, Doing, and Understanding (3rd edition) is covered in its entirety and supplemented as necessary.  Students will be expected to spend roughly an hour and a half on homework daily.  Class will meet two days per week for one hour and five minutes each session for instruction.  Since this is a homeschooling tutorial, parents will have the certain responsibilities as stated below.


I chose to enroll my child in Liberty Tutorials because Mrs. Flynn uses Harold Jacob’s texts.  My prejudice for Jacobs is that I really believe he is aiming for understanding, and the method of teaching draws on the student’s own thinking and problem-solving skills, not the ability to imitate procedures.  When I find a teacher who uses Jacobs, I think she must have the same math education values that are important to me.  She has been efficient, patient, encouraging, and highly organized, yet also flexible, accommodating the needs of the students without getting off track.  The online interface used in class has been flawless, better than any internet course I have seen until now.  I feel very lucky to have found this solution for my daughter’s math education needs.

Mother in California


Students need to have completed Algebra I.
It is recommended that students be at least 13 years old, entering at least 9th grade.
Parents of younger students should contact the instructor before registering for the class.


Technical Needs:

Student Expectations: 

Students will be expected to attend and participate in class, taking notes on the material covered.  They will be expected to complete homework assignments at home and grade them or have their parents grade them, using the answers in the back of the book.  Students will be expected to correct any missed problem—not just change the answer, but find the mistake in their solution and fix their work.  Students will be encouraged to ask questions about any problems they do not understand, either by email or during class.  Students are expected to present themselves appropriately and treat others respectfully.

Teacher Expectations:

The teacher will begin class on time.  She will review homework and answer questions students have regarding missed homework problems.  She will then teach the new material, incorporating class participation in solving problems.  She will prepare and grade student tests.   She will give semester grades and evaluations.  She will contact parents and students by way of email when necessary.  She will be respectful and patient with the students, encouraging an atmosphere of respect for one another.

Parent Expectations:

It is the parents’ responsibility to determine that this class meets the legal homeschooling requirements of their state or over-sight group.  They are expected to pay for the class by the given deadline and to obtain the needed materials.  Parents will also administer the closed book, closed notes tests.  Parents will either need to grade the homework or make sure their students are not simply copying answers from the back of the book if they are allowed to check their homework themselves.  If a student is having a problem showing respect to the teacher or his classmates, the parent will be notified so he can deal with the problem.  If such a problem persists, the parent must realize that the student will not be permitted to return to class.  No reimbursement of payments will be made under such circumstances.


Tests (7 per semester):  100 points per test
Notebook Quizzes:  100 points per semester
Semester Exams:  200 points per exam

Class Times:

2019-2020  Tuesday and Thursday 12:30pm – 1:35pm ET
2020-2021 Monday and Wednesday 11:00am — 12:05pm  ET
2021-2022 Tuesday and Thursday 11:00am — 12:05pm ET
2022-2023 Monday and Wednesday 12:30pm – 1:35pm ET

Class Dates:

Last full week in August — Last week in May.
Please see the Geometry Homework Calendar for exact dates and scheduled class cancellations.


The cost is $450 per year per student, if a family enrolls in only one class.  Families enrolled two or more classes will receive a $50 discount per class.
Make payment by check payable to Liberty Tutorials.
Half of payment is due with registration and will not be refunded if the class is dropped.
The other half is due August 15th.


Registration for the upcoming school year begins February 1st for currently enrolled students and their siblings.  Registration is open to all other families on February 15th.
Maximum class size is 24 students.
Click here to register.

Contact Information:

Teacher Credentials:

Math teacher Karena Flynn has a love of mathematics that stems from her appreciation of its orderliness and logic as well as her love of God, its Creator. She received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics and minor in education from James Madison University. She maintained a 4.0 GPA in her math classes and graduated summa cum laude. Karena regularly tutored math during high school and college. She taught at a private Christian school for one year and in subsequent years has been homeschooling her children. Since 2010 she has been teaching math through Liberty Tutorials.