Geometry, Honors

Deductive logic taught through proofs

Practical application of theorems explored

Incorporates standardized test-type problems

Course Description: 

This honors geometry course covers the standard concepts of Euclidean geometry with an emphasis on the logical development of content through proof, both direct and indirect. Content areas include congruence, similarity, and other relationships of lines, angles, polygons, circles, and various types of solids. In addition, the course incorporates practical application of postulates and theorems to include measurement and calculations. The course integrates constructions, transformations, coordinate geometry, formulas, and an introduction to trigonometry into the course of study.  The course uses Elementary Geometry for College Students, 7th edition, by Alexander and Koeberlein.  Though the title of the text may give the impression that it is only appropriate for a college-level course, the text covers the scope and sequence of a honors-level high school class.  Students will be expected to spend roughly an hour to an hour and a half on homework daily.  Class will meet two days per week for one hour and five minutes each session for instruction.  Since this is a homeschooling tutorial, parents will have the certain responsibilities as stated here.

Understand that this is an honors level class and not designed for the struggling or lazy math student.  The class moves very quickly in order to complete the text in one year.  Students will be expected to complete homework assignments before the subsequent class, participate in class with a working microphone, and proactively seek help when not understanding the material.


Students need to have completed Algebra I.
It is recommended that students be at least 13 years old, entering at least 9th grade.
Parents of younger students should contact the instructor before registering for the class.


  • Textbook:  Elementary Geometry for College Students, 7th edition by Alexander and Koeberlein (Cenage, January 1, 2019).  New and used editions are available through Amazon.  New copies are also available through the publisher Cenage.
  • TI-30XS Multi-View Scientific Calculator available through Amazon.
  • Headset with Microphone
  • Notebook:  Spiral Bound or Loose-Leaf
  • Graph Paper
  • Compass:  Please purchase a quality precision compass that adjusts with a wheel and opens to roughly 10.5 inches such as this one available through Amazon.
  • Protractor & Ruler
  • Pencil & Eraser (No Pens)

Cost and Registration:

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“Through the four classes I have taken with Liberty Tutorials (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Mathematics), I have grown in my God-given love for mathematics. I am incredibly thankful for Mrs. Flynn’s excellent teaching and encouragement, as she never ceased to find ways to aid us as students in an understanding of each concept, beyond simply getting an answer. However, her classes not only provided me with understanding of each concept, but also an enjoyment and a desire to discover more about them, a desire which has significantly helped me through my AP and college mathematics courses. In fact, I plan to major in mathematics at Grove City College in the fall, a pursuit based upon an enjoyment of mathematics which was largely grown through my classes at Liberty Tutorials.”

Student in Pennsylvania