I wanted to thank you for the amazing foundation in mathematics you have provided me with. I am applying Early Decision to the University of Pennsylvania, and that wouldn’t of been an option without you.

Student in Maryland

I can’t express how thankful we are for you and Liberty Tutorials. You have been an answer to prayer for our high school math courses, and your love for your students, and the encouragement and grace you give them, has made math something that they no longer dread, but actually enjoy.

Mother in California

We are appreciating your class so much!  Thanks!

Mother in Pennsylvania

Feel free to pass on our endorsement of your teaching to others.  Please let them know how much we appreciate you teaching [our daughter].  You are truly first rate.  [Our daughter] is not one who ever liked math but she is enjoying your geometry course very much.  We have been taking various online classes for 3 or more years now, and you are a standout for sure.  What are you teaching next semester?  We would like to continue on this journey with you.

Father in Indiana

[My daughter] has really loved your class and it has helped her so much.  I will be sure to pass your name onto my homeschool friends and will be enrolling my son and younger daughter when they are old enough.

Mother in California

Thank you so much for a wonderful year! This is the first year I’ve taken an online math class, and it makes such a huge difference. I used to get stuck and frustrated all the time. My mom did her best to help, but she didn’t always understand how to explain it. This year has made math so much more enjoyable for me, and I know it helped a ton with the SAT that I took back in March. Next year I am attending the community college for most of my classes, so I won’t be able to take advanced math. I never thought I’d be disappointed at the thought of NOT being able to attend a math class, but I am with your class!

Student in Virginia

Thank you so much for your hard work.  [My daughter] is enjoying the class more than any of us expected.  It is a good structure in her life right now.  And it is someone besides her mom telling her what to do!  Thanks again.

Mother in Pennsylvania

I chose to enroll my child in Liberty Tutorials because Mrs. Flynn uses Harold Jacob’s texts.  My prejudice for Jacobs is that I really believe he is aiming for understanding, and the method of teaching draws on the student’s own thinking and problem-solving skills, not the ability to imitate procedures.  When I find a teacher who uses Jacobs, I think she must have the same math education values that are important to me.  She has been efficient, patient, encouraging, and highly organized, yet also flexible, accommodating the needs of the students without getting off track.  The online interface used in class has been flawless, better than any internet course I have seen until now.  I feel very lucky to have found this solution for my daughter’s math education needs.

Mother in California

[My son] loves the class.  You are a wonderful teacher and your passion for math is a great thing for the kids to see.

Mother in Pennsylvania

We would love to sign up [our daughter] for your Advanced Math class.  I so appreciate what you have done with this class [Algebra II]—she has gone from dreading math to wondering if she may want to do something with math for a career—I would never have anticipated that last year at this time!!  I am very thankful that she has been able to have you for an instructor!

Mother in Indiana

Thank you, Mrs. Flynn, for the excellent preparation for AP Calculus that our daughter received in your Advanced Math class. After your online course, not only did she successfully complete the AP class, but she took the AP Calculus AB/BC exam and achieved a 5.  This gave her a great edge on her college applications and she has been accepted into the Honors Fellows program at her top choice college. Thank you for your part in her math success!

Mother in Mexico

Thank you so much for your time and effort in teaching Algebra One. Although you have other math classes, students and family obligations, [my son] felt individual attention and care was provided to him as with a face-to-face course. You are certainly to be commended for you patience with the students in working through problems, eliciting participation and providing the much needed accolades with challenging material.  [My son] absolutely loved the class and looks forward to taking math courses with Liberty Tutorials in the future.

Mother in Virginia

Your patience and investment in the student is amazing and so appreciated!  THANK YOU for the time you give your students!

Mother in Indiana

I cannot say enough about Mrs. Flynn and Liberty Tutorials.  Mrs. Flynn’s method is systematic and sufficiently rigorous for college-prep mathematics.  She has chosen excellent, proven texts, and presents lessons efficiently and pleasantly.  We appreciate her opening every class with prayer and treating her students with respect and courtesy.  She engages each student in discussion, which encourages students to come prepared for each session.  Her website is organized, easy to navigate, and incredibly useful for keeping her students on task.  We live in a rural community with little opportunity for cooperative classes, so Mrs. Flynn’s online tutorial service is a welcome way to engage our children in an interactive learning environment. This is something we were missing with [other curricula and pre-recorded classes].  As veteran homeschoolers (and veteran online education consumers), we can say, unequivocally, that the best learning environment is one that involves deep and enriching material, and engaging and motivational instruction, set before the student on a steady and well-administered time table.  Mrs. Flynn provides all of that, and at a reasonable tuition level.  We don’t have ‘math-y’ children, yet we know they will graduate from the Liberty Tutorials program with a thorough ability to use mathematics in their daily lives, and will be amply prepared for college placement exams and higher-level mathematics.  I am both delighted and honored to recommend Liberty Tutorials without reservation.

Mother in Montana

Thank you so much.  You are a lifesaver to me.

Mother in California