Elizabeth Hutchinson 2

When my mom first talked about signing me up for your Algebra II class, I was not happy. I did not want to take a live math class with a teacher I didn’t know, and I hated math. But now, I can see how God used your math classes to show me the gifts He’s given me and plans He has for me. I never thought I would take calculus, and I certainly never thought I would understand it (or, dare I say enjoy it at times) if I did! To be honest, I wasn’t even sure about it last year, but I couldn’t imagine taking math with someone else my senior year. Your enthusiasm for math has inspired me. If I have to take math in college, I have no qualms. You’ve prepared me so well! Thank you for your dedication to your students. I’ve always known that if I have a question (or questions), you will always answer them. You are such a blessing and I pray God blesses you as richly as you have blessed the lives of your students.

Student in Pennsylvania
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